Education Strategies in Medical Sciences- Aims & Scopes
Aims & Scopes

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The specialists and researchers and also the postgraduate medical students can send ESMS their new scientific findings in different forms of articles (As mentioned in Authors Guide) that will be published after precise and accurate peer review process in order to increase the knowledge and solve the problems of Iran and the World in the field of Medical Education. The purpose of ESMS is to publish the best papers of "Medical Education" field in the below headings:

  1. Educational Theories in Medical Sciences
  2. Curriculum Designing in Medical Sciences
  3. New Approaches to Curriculum Designing in Medical Sciences
  4. Modern Methods of Teaching in Medical Sciences
  5. Application of Technology in Medical Sciences
  6. e-Learning in Medical Sciences
  7. Assessment Methods in Medical Sciences
  8. Medical Students interaction with Education
  9. Research in Medical Sciences Learning

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